Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An Eternal Love Story..

dear light...

i love you...

but you are my end....

Your truly,


Saturday, December 17, 2005


the feeling was new...
't was happiness being born to sorrow
on the palm of my hand..
i held my fate i held my tomorrow..

a lil overwhelmed a lil surprised
but most of all i was petrified...

is it a No... is it a yes...
what has she sent...
will i see her ever again
or is this the end!!

should i unwrap ..
or should i wait..
its my divine decree
these wraps captivate.

let me wait for the feeling to sink in,
let me wait to catch my beat
let me wait till i m prepared
let me wait till the two ends meet.

just another day with my dillusion
just another day before i end this confusion...

before i find out wats in store fr me
fr just one day lemme bide..
wud it be same dark lost evenings
or wud it be her mornings by my side.

candle lit dinners n her smiling face
or music of silence by the fire place..

the smooths of her skin against my lips
or another song born on my fingertips..

her cares her love the twinkle of here eyes
or my life being put off like fire dies...

just another day before i can brace
watever is in hold... in that wrap n lace!!!