Saturday, October 08, 2005

Home Alone

The door was shut,

the light was gone....

I stood next to the window,

I was all alone!!

The sky was grey

it was about to rain...

There was frequent lightening

which would light up the lane.

Mine was the corner house,

very old and worn out..

My heart would jump

with every roar of cloud!!

Before leaving me home alone

my family had asked me twice,

I acted a brave heart then

and now I am paying the price.

My family had been to a party

while I preferred to stay,

& I regret this decision the most

if I may say...!!

I lit up a candle,

put it on a shelf....

"They'll be home soon",

I kept telling myself.

I had just finished my dinner

in the dimnishing candle light..

I was planning to lie down

as it was way past midnight!!

Suddenly I heard something

it was the knock on the door....

Gosh!! I was terrified....

stood frozen on the floor!!

I thought and thought,

but what.... I dont know,

My mind was blank, my heart missed beats

and the blood just wouldn't flow.....!!

There was a sudden lightening

and the door knocked again....

This time it got harder

as did the rain.......!!

Could it be a thief

a killer or some ghost,

one moment i was frozen

the other i'd coast.

"Who's it" I said

as I gathered all my guts...

And reached the door

besides all Ifs & buts.

But there was no reply,

and this scared me even more....

The rain had become a storm,

and the knock, thomping on the door!!

I peeped through the key hole

with my eyes open wide....

But couldnt see a thing,

as it was so dark outside!!

"Now I am dead" I thought

theres no escape

I remembered all the Gods

every size n shape.

I gathered all my courage

and finally opened the door

Nothing would have shocked me more

then what was there in store!!

It was nothing but the dustbin

that'd got wind blown.....

My ghost was the old dustbin...

my mother had disown!![;)]

Friday, October 07, 2005

Dont Want It.....

I dont want this to have any ends
I dont want this to make any more sense
I dont want to try too hard to keep
I dont want this to get any deep
I dont wanna commit
I dont want it!!
We are perfect the way we are
Cant care more than I care
I dont want this to head any where
I dont to plan future for us
I dont want any fuss!!
I dont wanna commit
I dont want it!!
Oh! yeah....
You say HI...
I reply
dont depend on you.... and why
why should I....
yeah! dont want to fall in love with you
nor with any body else too
I dont wanna commit...
I dont want it!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Virgin Island

Its a wonderful world in my thoughts
where I wander all alone........
Its a virgin island.....full of mysteries,
no one has ever known.
All my likes and dislikes,
my happinesses and my sorrows.....
Memories of the time passed by,
and dream for my tommorows!!
It has everything I ever wanted
everythinf for which i have cared
Every success every failure
and the pain I never shared!!
It has a garden of sunflowers
a clear blue sky...
I have no fears or inhibitions
so I spread my wings and fly.
And as the sunsets...
slowly arrives the night.....
I dip my feet in the flowing water
which glitters under moonlight.
The diamonds on my feet
and the twinkle in my eye
Its the magic of this island
deep in my thoughts which lie!!


Lonely I was standing, in the sorrowful rain,
when you held out your hand to ease me of my pain...
I dont know what happened next or wat u did say
all I remember is the bright light which cobered the grey...
You given me a shoulder for me to cry over,
You've given me a reason to live with the love that you shower.
I cant imagine what would have happened hadnt u been there,
'coz I was following a path that led me nowhere....
I had no control like in fist I held on to dry sand,
but you changed it all with the magic in your hands...
My friend my love my guardian angel.. thats YOU,
with all of my heart I promise, forever I 'll be true!!

So Much.....

I sit by my window, and wonder at times,
So many people and so many lives....
So little time.. and so much to discover,
So many to call friends but not a single lover...
Just one heart and so many beats,
So many ways which never meets....
So many questions so many queries,
Life of a day and a zillion worries....
So may reasons to live and die,
So many oppurtunities that pass us by....
So much to give for so much I have taken,
So much to renounce and assent the forsaken....
So many songs but limited words,
So many wishes and prayers unheard.....
So many smiles I want to share,
So many people to love and to care !!

Alone !

Its been a long time,
and I have been so lonely,
There's no one but me...
and me only!!

Its been so long
since we were togather,
Yeah! that lasted...
but why not forever.

Its you who's changed
'coz I am still the same...
You are gone, I am lost
and I dont know whom to blame!!

We were different people
and we knew it all along,
Everything was perfect...
dont know what went wrong.

Whatever might have been the reason
but one thing is for sure,
My love for you my dear
was always true and pure.

You never cared to explain
no reasons and you were gone....
You promised to be there forever
but now, I am all alone!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Gals Of The Group!!

In order from left to right:
Yellow bole to Ashim
Red has to be Rashi
Eiti as usual not being payed attention to;)
n oops.... why am i so camera shy!!

(p.sp: dont miss my dragon cross... keeps bad vibes away :D )


New Kid on the Block!!
This is Ankit... Modern BK pass out
a cute little thing....
Is extremely courtious...
And yeah... this is exactly how he looks... :D

(P.S: He just turned 20!!)


Do I need to say nethin....
This is Rambo....
the only guy who challenges me fr a karate or boxin fight...
speak of GUTS!! :P

Cute Malli..... Arvind

Now here is a Sample Piece....
U wont get such that easy... mind ya
this one is made on order...Custom Made!!
(P.S.: That reminds me his shoes are custom made, n at times he borrows them from mister clown from the circus!!)
Now... had he been a gal...
he sure would have married Sam Sir!!...
oops did i forget to tell hes our Juni...!!
To know bout him u may either contact City Mental Asylum...
or wait fr my poem :D!!


This is OUR Amit... the Kid!!
There is so much bout him that its taking time for me to write a poem...
But hey... Never Say Die...
The poem comin up pretty soon
till then enjoy the Pic!!


Samarth "Jordan" Sharma
guess thats what we should call
This guy who's the best
when it comes to Basket Ball !!
Loves the games
and hates to loose,
once on court...
with the ball he'll cruise
Has a tanned complexion
n real curly hair
A true Scorpion in temprament
his sorrows he wont share
He can be nice,
he can be real rude
Some think he's dud
n some call him DUDE!!
He's got a masculine bod
but a very faminine touch
and there was this chimpanzee guy
whom he loved very much..;)
He's kindda moody
and easy to get tense
Kinddov an extremist
but would dtill make sense!!:P

With Them....

After the sun sets down,
when moonlight
is all to be seen around...
the cool breeze of feburary
tickles my soul...
the stars twinkle
and sing me a song
dancing all along.....
makin me feel the happiness
of being there
of being their...
n being what i am!!

I love their songs
the tunes so sweet...
wonders of nature
n my own heart beat...
Everything so cheerful
everyone so complete...
No wandering no fears
Here I am....
in heaven!!
With all my dears!!


Story of Ashim, a goofy tale
Girl at heart born as male...
He'll laugh at jokes you least expect
A kleptomaniac n an obvious suspect(dont believe me[;)])
He's all crazy, he's very shy
Please dont tease him, he may cry....
Bakul his sister of whom he fear
Wont mind barmuda in a formal wear!!
Like Chandler he's a muddle head
The only guy with glow stars in bed...
Calls me Phoebz when he's in mood
He's bad at english n cant spell rude[:)]
He flaunts his pulsar as if Davidson
Loves to ride it be it rain or sun!!
A bald head he's chinky faced
Dont be surprised if his undies are laced...(lol...srry dude)
Motchu as we call him his nick name
Lovey if u call him... he'll go insane
All are his friends foes beng none
King of PJ's he's the only one[:)]

Its Rashi.....!!

Rashi Goel one of best friends
She is one of those who never miss the trends
She has beautiful eyes, wide and big
N when she starts talking she can even beat MIG!!
Her mind is sharp, her heart is gold
Has her ideas like Granny so very old!!
Red is her colour, and no money for the guess
And her shoes will always match her dress
She can talk about fashion all day long
And dare u challenge her 'coz shes never wrong!!
Her hair so black straight they fall
She goes mall hoppin when we play basket ball[:P]
Books are her second love, first being ME...[:D]
Thats all for u to know bout Rashi !!

Lets sart with Eiti

I know a girl, With an alien name....
Who'll certainly get her place In the Hall of Fame!!
Music's her passion Rock being first love...
Her smile so innocent N eyes like a dove...
Looks like a bug without no wing...
U will trust me If you hear her sing!!
Likes Nirvana Metallica all rock so loud...
Link her with Beckham n shes on the 9th cloud.
Like tall guyz Short hair n lean...
Calls me Phoebe n heself Rachael Green!!
Micheal Schumacher is of whom she dreams,
Along with chocolates Candies n Ice creams!!
Clear about her goals, determined n crude
Born optimist with a winners attitude..
Akshat Nauriyal was her first crush
But when she heard **** sing she did blush[;)]!!
You must have guessed who could she be...
with all these qualities its gotta be ET(eiti) !!

The Stranger

That guy on the porch,
Dark, Tall and Strong...
Still not sure of his looks,
As hes standing under the torch!!

I know hes looking at me
But not that I care...
I am wondering, just
for what is he here....

He doesn't seem to be a neighbour
Not even a friend....
Oh My God!! whats this.....
Now hes waving his hand !!

Do i really know him,
Now I am in a fix...
Should I wave back
I am so mixed!!

Dad!! I shouted...
With all my guts out....
The guy came running to me...
n Said, "I am right here... whats there to shout"