Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Night I did IT...

** wait!!! stop imagining stuff before even reading!!!! **

All right, so I am finally doing this. I had decided and in a way vowed never to really write about "how my days been" kinda post here, as in on this blog(yeah!! stalker... I got more blog(s)), because that would make me a serious blogger, which by the way I am not (check archives for evidence).

My day, sucked... not entirely but in a way it did entirely. There were small parts where i smiled and laughed...(hence, "the not entirely") but since these parts either happened in my head, or in a sarcastic manner, I say "in a way it did entirely".

I wouldnt really bore you with, details, but I will definitely share the part where I met my own ghost, from the past.

After a really long time I was having these imaginary converstaions both in my head and in the air!. I was imagining weird stuff the same way I used to when I was in college.... I had completely forgotten about that part of my personality..... But it came back to me, both in a good and a bad fashion. I say good, because I was funny up there(in my head) I invented jokes and scenarios which are definitely a comic-strip kind of funny, maybe a sitcom level too...and bad because I was mean and as a certain someone would put it 'non-sarcatically irritating and teasingly pinchy'!

Well I know I am not sweetest person on earth, but I had been rather sweet sober and very docile for a long time now(except for my fight with almost every one in my family, till yesterday... and for records, I wasnot entirely the 'only' culprit).

Anyway, I was watching 'How I Met Your Mother' (Season 2, first time) and I realized I was feeling different. I wanted to act weird, and I did, I wanted to write, which too I did, and have a fight, well! I had already done that but well! I continued with it, so hell! yeah I did that too.

I am still feeling strangely different and I dont know what I would want to do next... but I really hope its better that the last thing I wanted to do... And for you, dear reader(/stalker).. if I continued to want to write, i might just b back tomorow... so do watch the space(/keep stalking)!!!!

BTW, naah!! I am not doing it again.. so move on read the next blog you find(/keep stalking... I dont have many stalkers ;) )

P.S. Although I know I was very mean, selfish, insensitive and 'non-sarcatically irritating and teasingly pinchy' to a certain someone, I really feel that i did the right thing!! You say - "How rude!!!" and I say "mind your own god! damn business"