Monday, October 08, 2007

... Crap... yeah.. its me!

These days I have been thinking...
yes, talking less thinking more,
good or bad - dunno
but its not normal thats for sure.

I think of times when we laughed
and its strange that it makes me cry
and then when i want to smile again
i pick up a fight..... lol.... dunno why.

There was once a time
when they called me "cute"...
i was "sweet" for some time after that
and then they named me "rude"...

Who am I... i really dont care anymore
so trying to figure THAT out is vain,
'Cause for some i will still be nice, to some rude
but for a few i know, i will always be a pain ;)

And as usual, i have lost track again
guess its cause i m talking after long...
my heart may have gone weaker
but my finger muscles are strong :)

Now getting back to the story
which i have here to share
the story is of my life... naah!
i know you'd least care!!!

The story's not yet complete
and it will take some time
hey did u notice as well
some how i can still rhyme... :))

Saturday, October 06, 2007

dheere dheere haule haule

zindagi ke maayne jaan rahe hain hum...
dheere dheer haule haule
ek "naye-khud" ko pehchaan rahe hain hum...
dheer dheere haule haule
uljhanon ke bhanwar se iss dil ko nikaal rahe hain hum
dheere dheere haule haule
majhdahaar mein dagmagaati kashti apni sambhaal rahe hain hum
dheere dheere haule haule