Monday, February 26, 2007

A story untold... so far..

He met her first outside a restrobar
He skid his bike infront of her car...
He smirked and said "Ma parking, Honey!"
She bumped into his bike, proud of her money!!

He fumed but restrained, he kept his calm
He was a tough guy yet had all charm,
She stepped out... ah! she looked gorgeous!!
Threw a bundle at his face saying "dont u make any fuss"

He smiled again and walked towards her,
She stood there dazzling in her diamonds and fur
He walked a little closer and held her by her hand
As he felt her soft skin slipping away as sand

She was numb and cold his touch had made her freeze
And suddenly she was back, feeling weak in her knees
He pulled her close, she tried to set free
but his grip was firm, and so frail was she

His face approached hers, she was stunned by maze
He curled his lips, & blew tresses off her face
Her heart best seized, when his eyes met hers
She was brought back to life when he pulled her purse.

She stood there bewildered as he stuffed the money in
Putting the purse back on car he turned away with a grin
She watched him from there as he walked getting far
And slowly he disappeared somewhere in the bar.