Friday, August 01, 2008


Theres nothing that we call Forever...

But how I wish it was!

from here n there

not just once
it has happened time n again
i look into the mirror
n relive the pain
the pain of being me
the pain no one else wud know
the pain i have always had
the pain i'll keep to grow
i m not sorry fr wat i am
i am happy in my empire of dust
all i want is to stay in my shell
coz i dont have no one to trust
i m sad but i m not sorry
coz i have learnt to live this way
i have lived being me fr 21 yrs now....
n this is hw i'll fray!!

I had written this bit long back(yes, its been long since I was 21) in a friends blog as a comment... n I realize all these years passed n lifes still the same to me....