Saturday, April 25, 2009

...if you'd ever asked me and I was not-drunk and not-stoned and not-a-lot-of-other-things, I'd probably tell you this too was among my ideas of picture-perfect romance
1. This blog is not dead.
2. I think I can still rhyme.
3. Indian Ocean should really hire me for writing lyrics for their "songs???"
4. My phone hasnt rung in last 12 hours.
5. I have to reduce my weight else shop more clothes
6. I dont want anyone getting married anymore.
7.This blog has a middle finger which it is pointing at you right now.
8.Baloo is a great dog better than dodo but he will die, soon.
9.I dont have a career.
10.I dont have INR 50,00,000 (fifty fugging facs) to get CMU stamp in my resume.
11.I dont fit into the jeans I bought last to last month.
12.And I don't even friggin' care.
13.My cars number plate is hanging.
14.If you do not have a spine I could lend you mine.
15. Mohit Chauhan better be good looking.
16.This blog has no title.
17.But this blog has a butt.*jiggle jiggle*