Saturday, May 17, 2008

I want the Rainbow....

I dont feel pretty, not any more
I want the rainbow, to colour my soul!

I was losing myself with my colours
But i did not understand then
and now i am monochrome
I cant tell apart shadow from my reflection

Violet was my radiance...
and I lost it to the world so sad
With blue I lost
All the stability and the faith I ever had

Indigo was my love for myself
My thoughts and my individuality
Red took with itself all the romance and my fantasies
and brought me face to face with 'what they call' reality

Losing yellow rendered me joyless
I lost my spunk... my tears I could no more hide
Orange gone and so is my enthusiasm
I have lost the furor I once signified....

With green I lost the harmony
I once had with my soul,
But now I want my colours back

I want my rainbow, whole...