Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fondest Memories

I am often overcome with some memories of the past. They stay with me for a while, make me smile and like a wave leaving the shores, retreat!
Some of my fondest memories, I am going to list out. And hope to keep adding more to this list.

1. Last bench of the class room, by the window, noise around me but I felt so peaceful. I remember I was singing a song and I remember my friend who I dearly loved sat beside me smiling and doodling. Years later when we met briefly that was the only peaceful memory I had of my friend.
2. Last day of school, one simple hug and I knew we will not meet again. But I also knew we'll be friends still!
3. College, he was standing besides me, totally checking me out! i wasnt offended strangely enough and found his mannerisms funny. He talked to me and and thought I was cool. He asked a friend about me and I surprised him by walking up to him and being friendly. The short guy, who bleached his body hair - Khobe, you will always be remembered!
4. Giggling and laughing sitting on the first bench, getting thrown out of the class by - whats his "eye balls"! Hilarious!!
5. The day i wore 69 (front) and player (back) tee to college - I had no clue it meant something other than a numbered jersey!!!
6. Those bike rides and basket ball games!! How I wish I could travel back in time!!
7. The Car pool- maruti van - resting my head on Sam's (rather wide for an 18 yr old) shoulders - overhearing the gossips ;)
8. Eiti's zen and hours spent in parking lot!!!
9. Workshop and ED class - i think I loved Engineering Drawing  and Workshops
10. Poster competition with Rashi - we made peace/earth or something!
11. Inventing gaalis - on chat!!
12. A walk with Sam discussing life in general - that was the day I discovered something about him that I didn't know before.
14. Trip to Agra - Everything about it.
15. Dancing under the stars.
16. A lap a head and some heart to heart!!....

I can go on forever...