Thursday, July 23, 2009

i want...

i want to be part of a play,

i want to live on a mountain,

i want to dive into a river, bathe in waterfall,

i want to make and play music,

i want to be stranded on a railway station and fall in love,

i want to dance under the stars in a snowy night,

i want to walked barefoot on wet sand with a hand in my hand,

i want to wear a white gown and look beautiful,

i want to be swept off my feet by my prince on a stallion,

i want to hear my name in 'his' heartbeats,

i want to be held with love, for what would seem like eternity,

i want to laugh so much that it'd make my eyes tear,

i want to have a song written for me,

i want someone to tell me how i complete him,

i want to have a ring of petal on my finger,

i want to be proposed,

i want to be looked upto,

i want to be successful in whatever i do

i want to love my job,

i want to have a proud lover,

i want to be kissed,

Friday, July 17, 2009


Got this in a text msg.. but i totally liked it and now it finds its place at the 53rd position on my blog... ada!

बचपन के दिन भी कितने अछे थे,

तब तो सिर्फ खिलोने टूटा करते थे,

वो खुशियाँ भी न जाने कैसी खुशियाँ थीं,

तितली को पकड़ के उछला करते थे,

पाँव मार के खुद बारिश के पानी में,

अपने आप को भिगोया करते थे,

अब तो एक आंसू भी रुसवा कर जाता है,

बचपन में तो दिल खोल के रोया करते थे...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a thought

Have you ever experienced this, that, when you keep looking at something for too long while paying less attention... you lose focus and that thing either starts blurring or, kind of, multiplies... I suggest pay attention... that thing may just be a solution or a problem!!!

randomly yours....

staring at the wall
welled up eyes...
with pain in my chest
my heart cries...


feel like drowning
choked with lies..
he smiles....
and she dies.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

2nd July

Happy Birthday Pa!

I love you the most !