Monday, April 10, 2006

... fr u....

in the frst ray of sunshine
in the most beautiful of all views
in the melodies of all songs
in the freshness of dews
in the honest smiles
in the innocence of newborns eyes
in the maternal love
in the fathers pride
in the touch of child
in the calmness of night
in the creators sight
in the winners delight
one thing is common..
the feeling is true
just like my dear
my faith in you!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

... incomplete...

frozen soul
a heart that bleeds
rotten thoughts
in ur mind they breed
calls for u
from the darkest sea
my last resort
to let myself free

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

echo of my voice!!

in the shadow u see... wat u cant see in light....
in the silence u will hear that voice...
slowly the thoughts wud enter and soon they will conquer...
easy yet difficult ...
so simply complicated..

ever heard the echo of ur own voice... so familiar so knwn yet it feels like coming frm some distant place... somewhere u havent been to... some place u probably dont even belong to...

i think i am becoming the echo of my own voice!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

... in remembrance of my....tear....

i had u in my heart
frm the times unknown
i had u there wid me
as the feelings never shown

i had u close, near n dear
not wanting to lose
i had u not as a compulsion
i had u for u i choose..

i had u as my guard
i had u as my weakness
i had u wen i felt more
i had u wen i spoke less

slowly u come n go...
as a drop out of my eyes
dunno if its u or me
whos paying the price!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

ummm... something

empty mind ... devils workshop.... dunno if makes any sense... but i had to write something...

if u not like it... UR PROBLEM

in the nubness of life
in the darkness of light
in the hatred of love
i search for my soul
in the quiet little laughter
n the noisy silences
in the lonliness of crowds
i search for my soul
in the warmth of your touch
in the calmness of your eyes
in the depth of your quiets
i search for my soul
i know u have seen me
your love radiates from within
but am i worth you
i have yet to decide...
some questions unasked
and answers to find
i have yet to decide
so i search for my soul